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  • Favourite Talks

    Here are some of my favourite talks

    There are more talks and videos in the archive.

    eBPF is a really interesting Linux Kernel technology. I gave versions of this talk at DockerCon and at Container Day Paris.


    Get started writing your own eBPF code by watching this talk! Here's the code I wrote.

    "Save Yourselves!" See how dangerous it can be to run YAML that you found on the internet. Includes live demos of Kubernetes admission control and OPA.

    You can find the code for the demo here.

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    In Seattle I had the honour of opening the show! Who do you think gets the most website views: Seattle Seahawks, Starbucks, Manchester United or Kubernetes? Find out here!

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    In my role as conference co-chair I get to MC some of the keynote sessions. I gave my own keynote talk "Running with Scissors" about how Kubernetes workloads are running as root by default, as well as an update on the news from 20 CNCF projects.

    A terminal-based keynote on privileges in Kubernetes. Here are the resources so you can try running with scissors yourself.

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    My keynote on the news from CNCF project updates, with guest speakers from the NATS, Vitess and SPIFFE projects.

  • In this talk I built a very simple debugger in Go, showing how you can use ptrace to set breakpoints and generate stack traces. You can find a more in-depth version of the code on my GitHub.

  • I was privileged to be invited to give a keynote at O'Reilly's Velocity London. Here I'm making the case that it's easier to secure a Cloud Native deployment (with containerized microservices running under an orchestrator) than a traditional monolith.


    My demo showed how if you can determine the expected behaviour of a piece of software, you can treat anything outside that expected behaviour as suspicious. It's hard to cover all the error cases in a monolith, but it's completely reasonable for a microservice.

  • This talk was so much fun to do - demonstrating how a container is built from namespaces & cgroups, and showing how cgroups can protect you from a fork bomb attack. I was thrilled to be awarded the Best Speaker award for it.

    Find more talks in the archive.