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    Chicago, IL

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    In this talk I built a very simple debugger in Go, showing how you can use ptrace to set breakpoints and generate stack traces. You can find a more in-depth version of the code on my GitHub.

  • I was privileged to be invited to give a keynote at O'Reilly's Velocity London. Here I'm making the case that it's easier to secure a Cloud Native deployment (with containerized microservices running under an orchestrator) than a traditional monolith.


    My demo showed how if you can determine the expected behaviour of a piece of software, you can treat anything outside that expected behaviour as suspicious. It's hard to cover all the error cases in a monolith, but it's completely reasonable for a microservice.

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    Since Storify is about to disappear, I'm in the process of transferring my Reactions page into Twitter Moments. While this is happening you can find my Storify archive here.