• Books & Projects

    A few things I've been working on recently

    Learning eBPF

    Programming the Linux Kernel for Enhanced Observability, Networking, and Security

    Adventures with Alexa

    An introduction to eBPF and how it's enabling a new generation of tooling for networking, security and observability

    Adventures with Alexa

    If you want to understand how to secure containers, I believe you need to know how they work.

    Adventures with Alexa

    Kubernetes Security

    How to build and operate applications securely on Kubernetes. Co-authored with Michael Hausenblas

    How to containerize your Go code

    Officially an O'Reilly author!

    Automated CIS tests for Kubernetes

    Free package vulnerability scanner for containers

    Microscaling Systems

    Microscaling Systems

    Building technology for containers including real-time scaling and MicroBadger, the tool for inspecting container metadata.


    Innovation workshops

    A few times a year I worked with Maggie Philbin's TeenTech delivering workshops where teenagers innovate devices, apps and games. It's inspiring to see their incredible ideas!

    Adventures with Alexa

    Adventures with Alexa

    A side project I worked on for a while is a book on developing voice apps for Amazon Apps. I'll be honest, this is not something I am spending any time on at the moment but you can still find it here