Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bay Area-style pizza

I don't normally post about cooking, but one of the things we've really missed from our time in Palo Alto is Patxi's pizza. And if we were visiting friends in Oakland, Zachary's was a favourite venue. That kind of deep dish pizza with almost crunchy crust doesn't exist (as far as we've been able to find it) in the UK, nor have we been able to track down the Italian fennel sausage that's a distinctive part of a lot of the meat-based pizza and pasta recipes we enjoyed out there.

I tracked down this recipe and made a few adjustments - and the result was so successful I feel I have to share!

I made the dough in a bread machine, but the secret ingredient is 1 part yellow maize flour (which I somehow tracked down) to 7 parts conventional bread flour.  You also want to coat the tin with butter and then dust with the maize flour.  Those little crunchy particles on the outside make a HUGE difference.

I used ordinary sausages from Waitrose, peeled the skin off and then pressed in some crushed fennel seeds. Two or three sausages are good for a pizza for four.

The dough needs to be rolled out thin - maybe a couple of mm.  Line the tin and put in your filling.  I used a packet of pepperoni slices, the fennel sausage, a whole proper fresh buffalo mozzarella and a small sprinkling of grated medium cheddar.

One thing that completely passed me by when we ate pizza in California is that there is a second, paper-thin layer of dough that goes over the fillings and under the tomato sauce.  Make some holes in it before you add the tomato sauce.

Cook as hot as you can - it will probably take about 10 minutes but keep an eye on it!


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Ed said...

Looks gorgeous - do you do take out, or is definitely only an eat-in option?