• Liz Rice

    Software, containers,
    & security

  • I love making, understanding & explaining code

    My background and core competence is systems software engineering, but I love the whole process of building products. I've been in startups that have succeeded and others that have failed. I enjoy writing code, and understanding how other people will use it.


    I'm Chief Open Source Officer with eBPF pioneers Isovalent, creators of the Cilium project, which provides cloud native networking, observability and security. Prior to that I was VP Open Source Engineering with security specialists Aqua Security. I'm chair of the CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee, and I co-chaired the KubeCon / CloudNativeCon 2018 events in Copenhagen, Shanghai and Seattle. I'm also an Ambassador for Open UK.

    Away from my desk

    When I'm not working you'll quite likely find me on a bike (in real life or racing on Zwift), at a gig, eating & drinking with friends, doing yoga or making music. You might see my drum kit in the background on Zoom calls - I'm a mediocre drummer at best, but it's fun!

    Container Security book

    I’ve written a book published by O’Reilly, called Container Security: Fundamental Technology Concepts that Protect Containerized Applications. Support independent bookstores by buying your copy from Bookshop.org!

  • Skills

    Where I get over my British reserve and admit that I'm pretty good at these

    Containers, Kubernetes and security

    I've been working with containers for several years. I'm a fan of Kubernetes and, eBPF, and I've learned a thing or two about the security aspects of using containers and distributed systems.

    Live coding on stage

    Apparently this is a special skill. This talk, where I explain what a container is in a few lines of go, has been well-received, or you might want to watch me build a debugger from scratch.

    Software engineering

    I spent the first, well, many years of my professional life writing and architecting portable network stack implementations. I love and understand how to make clean, well-architected code.


    And C, if I really have to. Go is really my language of choice these days, and I'm good enough at it that I'm a Google Developer Expert in Go. Some things are on my GitHub profile.


    As well as my own Medium posts, I've written for numerous sites and magazines such as Increment and The New Stack. I'm also an O'Reilly author - check out my book on Container Security, Kubernetes Security (co-authored with Michael Hausenblas), or my guide to Containerizing your Go Code.


    I've been honoured to speak at tech conferences around the world. My black belt talk on container namespaces won me a speaker award at DockerCon, and my dotGo talk on debuggers was the second most highly rated talk at dotConferences in 2017.

  • Articles

    A few highlights from writing I've done recently

    Finding vulnerable containers with Grafeas

    Defense in depth for containers, in Increment magazine

    Why I'm excited to join eBPF pioneers Isovalent, working on Cilium and cloud native network security

    My journey to TOC chair

    Finding vulnerable containers with Grafeas

    Using the ptrace() system call to write a breakpoint debugger in Golang.