Friday, 25 September 2009

Seedcamp ... and, remind me, what is it that I do again?

Another successful Seedcamp week, and I think it's fair to say that the participating teams and the mentors all got a lot out of it. As well as mentoring, I've been feeling some of the nerves from the other side as one of the companies I'm involved with, Plug in SEO, was a finalist. Although we didn't win, the team is very much buoyed up by the experience and advice, not to mention the brilliant contacts made during the week. And congratulations to the winners!

One thing I've come to realise recently is that my fingers have been in a few different pies since leaving, sometimes in a fairly off-piste way, and "brand Liz" is confusing. A good friend told me I need to work on my elevator pitch, and she's right. And it's also clear that Product Management is not well understood - some folks think it's a posh term for project management, and in the last week I was surprised to hear someone (not at Seedcamp I hasten to add!) talking about needing a Sales team because he wants to learn more about what his users want. So my next mission - some rebranding and information about the value that Product Management can supply to a team, and the kind of PM tasks that can successfully be outsourced on a project or contract basis.

There, I've written it down in public - now I'll have to do it!

Meanwhile if anyone (especially freelance PM folks) have advice on meaningfully encapsulating what you do, do let me know.
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Liz said...

A small step accomplished - some new navigation on this site to show a bit more about who I am and what I do